BDO unveils new global website

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Launched today, BDO.GLOBAL has been built on the network’s new global web template, on which successive BDO Member Firm sites are going live several times a week: see BDO Finland, BDO China, BDO Australia as examples – there are many more.  

Benefitting from a global hosting platform, all sites on the BDO global template present a single, coherent and globally consistent website style and BDO firms across the world are uniting around the new responsive web template that is optimised for all browsers and to be seen on all devices.  

The brand-new BDO.GLOBAL differs slightly from other BDO websites already live on the template because a global site’s objectives differ from those of member firm sites: for example, direct links to all BDO Member Firm sites are featured at the top of the home page, in a carousel dedicated to GLOBAL LOCATIONS.  

The new global site is a showcase for BDO’s global capabilities and the strength of its network proposition and is of particular relevance to potential international clients who frequently search global, rather than domestic firm sites. With the objective of establishing BDO firms across the world as true thought leaders in the profession, the site showcases BDO INSIGHTS from across the network, both at the top of the home page and throughout the site’s sub-pages.  

In order to provide evidence of BDO’s international connectedness, and reassurance that global clients will be efficiently managed across international borders, the site profiles in detail the network’s global resources. The ABOUT section, for example, includes BDO’s background and vision - but also much more detail on its network leaders, so that visitors understand how the BDO network operates, is governed and shares expertise, for the benefit of its clients.  

All BDO sites will have migrated to the common global template and platform by early 2017 and BDO.GLOBAL’s intuitive navigation, functionality, social media activity and rich media content work in the same way as on every BDO website.  

“Our enhanced  digital presence is essential as we continuously respond to the ever-evolving needs of our clients. We see it as just another way to provide our clients with an exceptional service”, says Allan Evans, BDO Global Head of Business Development & Brand Marketing.  

“With the global web template, and now with BDO.GLOBAL, we have made it easier for visitors to find information and key contact details – across the world – in an engaging and high quality digital experience that takes advantage of the latest online technologies”.